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4 Myths about professional carpet cleaning

13th February 2019
4 Myths about professional carpet cleaning

Our specialists debunk some of the most popular misconceptions about professional carpet cleaning services

There are lots of myths and misconceptions when it comes to professional carpet cleaning. Many clients ask about how long the carpet will take to dry and the side-effects of a deep clean, but you needn’t worry if you book with a good company. Read on for some of the most popular myths.

My carpet will take days to dry

It’s natural to assume that if you add a lot of water to your carpet, it will take a long time to dry, but this isn’t the case with a professional carpet cleaner. They use high-powered vacuum cleaners to remove all the excess moisture from your carpet. A good carpet cleaning company will ensure that you can still use the carpet soon after a clean.

After a professional clean, my carpet will get dirty again quickly

There’s a myth that professional carpet cleaning causes your carpets to pick up dirt quicker than before, perhaps because of cleaners failing to rinse products from the carpet effectively, but when washed thoroughly, this isn’t true. Carpets that are correctly cleaned by professionals are no more likely to pick up dirt than a brand-new carpet.

All professional carpet cleaners will use the same methods

There is more than one way to clean a carpet. Different carpet cleaners use different methods and often different services will be reflected by what you pay for. Our carpet cleaners will intensively clean your carpets to make sure that they’re cleaned deeply, rather than just on the top layer.

Steam cleaning will cause mould to grow in my carpet

There are lots of risks that can stem from bad cleaning of your carpets. If your carpets are soaked for days, then it’s natural for mould and mildew to start going in the fibres, but this isn’t an issue when your carpet is thoroughly cleaned properly. A good professional carpet clean will not result in any kind of mould in your carpet.

For more information about our professional carpet cleaning services in your area, or for more tips on how to keep your carpets fur and hair freecontact our team today!

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